Our Process

We work intensively on your web page for 3 full days and make sure you get an awesome, ready-to-launch page by the end of the last day.

Start with what you have

Just tell us what you want your web page to achieve, and send over everything you have so far. We'll distill it down to a compelling story that gets results. We know what makes successful landing pages, and can craft your existing content into the perfect copy for your new page.

We get it done

We'll take what you have and turn it into an awesome web page in 3 days, no matter what. We'll handle everything from copy-writing and image making, design and build, and launching the page. It's a completely done-for-you service.

A different way of working

We've created a framework that lets us work quickly to put together these types of pages. We design directly 'in the browser’ to cut down the time it takes to complete a project – forgoing the need for the time-consuming and expensive wireframes → feedback → revisions → sign-off → mockup → feedback → revisions → sign-off → build → feedback → revisions → sign-off process you'd get with an agency.

Instead of talking through multiple levels of team members, you’re working directly with the guys who are busy creating your page – we communicate better, so everything is faster and more flexible.

Here's how a typical Propeller project goes...

Before we start – research

We'll get to know your business and (more importantly) your customers, and plan the best way to communicate your unique value to them. Together we'll decide what your new web page needs to achieve, and create a plan to make sure the messaging and design supports your goals.

Day one – structure + messaging

We'll work on the content and messaging to figure out the most compelling way to communicate your business value to your target market. Then, using our framework, we’ll put together all the elements that will be on the page. At the end of the day you'll have a kind of 'working wireframe' web page that you can check over and make sure we're on the right track.

Day two – design

We'll apply a bespoke design to the page so it matches your brand and achieves the style you're going for. We'll work on the fine details to create a page with real wow factor. We'll also create any visuals – screenshots, illustrations etc. – that will go on the page.

Day three – launch

Once the content and design are brought together, we can make tweaks to the site to prepare it for launch. We’ll link it up with the goal you choose – a mailing list sign up form for example. We'll add the finer details like social media data, add tracking scripts so we can measure performance, and make any finishing touches.

Then we'll get everything ready for your big launch!

Launching your page

Once it's done, we'll help get your page out into the world. There's two simple options:

Option 1 – we host it

We can host your page on our fast, reliable servers with a built-in content editor for just $9 per month. It's really easy to make tweaks to your page as you learn from your results. We'll help redirect your domain name to go live, and are available for ongoing support.

Option 2 – you host it

Prefer to host it yourself or integrate with your own website/app? That's fine - we can provide the static HTML, CSS and Javascript files for you to upload anywhere you like.


Need more than a single web page? We can add extras to your project based on your goals.

E-commerce solutions

Promote and sell products directly on your web page - we can integrate third-party payment processing so you have everything you need to launch your online business.

Additional pages

Go from one page to a full multi-page site. We can add extra pages as you need them – right from the start, or in the future as you build your business.

Custom features

Have an idea for a cool feature unique to your business? We can do pretty much anything – tell us what you need!

Want to boost your business?
Propeller pages cost $1995 and only take 3 days to complete

We can start with whatever you have so far, just tell us what you want your landing page to achieve. Our process is designed to get things done quickly – we'll create an awesome page in 3 days, no matter what.