Orders2.me Case Study

We created a new home page for this SaaS that drives leads to their sales team.


We worked with online ordering SaaS Orders2.me to totally transform their landing page.

The old one was put together using an Unbounce template, and performed poorly. Now they have a beautiful bespoke page that speaks to their target customers' problems in a compelling way.

And more importantly, they have new leads dropping into their inbox daily.

"When I found Propeller I thought it was a match made in heaven. They quickly got on a call with me to discuss our current & future goals, what we did/did not like about our old landing page and how we can make this new one better."

Rafi Cohen

Co-founder, Orders2me

A different approach

The old page did a good job of explaining what the business provides – online ordering, website design & mobile apps for restaurants – but what if the visitor doesn't know why they need that?

For the new page, we start with a benefit-driven question – want more orders for your restaurant? – that speaks directly to the problem their customers want to solve... increasing their restaurant's orders. This is much more compelling than simply stating what the product is.

With a single line statement that explains the product below, the visitor knows immediately what is being offered – and more importantly why they need it.

The old page
The new page

The new header area improves vastly upon the old design and addresses some big UX issues.

Instead of hiding an image of the product behind the headline text, we brought examples of the product front and center – showing them in a simpler way that is easy to digest. This helps the visitor understand what the product is straight away.

A subtle background image complements the product shots, helping to re-enforce the benefits of the product – more happy customers ordering at your restaurant.

The old page had a confusing call to action. The learn more button just popped up a contact form, which wasn't useful for a visitor who has only just landed here.

We simplified this with the get more orders button, making it clear what to press and also helping to back up the main value proposition.

Communicating the product simply

The old page felt confusing when detailing the different levels of service:

There was a disconnect between the details of what they offer and the pricing information. They had two 'packages', and several 'optional add-ons'.

One of the packages was the first package plus one of the add-ons.

There wasn't any pricing information for the other add-ons.

It was confusing.

We restructured the way this is communicated by showing the price for the basic package, and then clearly explaining the optional extras and their additional costs.

We also created a new 'how it works' section to summarize the value of using their product, including some custom illustrations and a pop-up video player.

"I highly recommend working with Propeller if you like to move quickly and want something really beautiful and professional – what they did in 3 days would take an agency 2 months and and it would cost 4-5x more."

Rafi Cohen

Co-founder, Orders2me

Building trust

We created a large section on the page to present their customer testimonials in a more engaging way, showing off the product and giving it a personal touch.

This really helps build up trust with prospects, and shows their product working well for other businesses.

We also shared details about their team and clear options to contact them.

Showing faces helps prospects get to know the people behind the product, and makes the business seem more trustworthy.

Capturing leads

Here's the most important part of the page – turning visitors into leads.

We provide plenty of opportunities for the visitor to make an enquiry about the product, with buttons in the intro, sticky header and product information section.

We round off the page with a strong call to action to focus attention on the next step:

The call to action summarizes the product and benefits in a simple sentence, and provides a clear button to press to get started.

Some extra details below re-enforce the offering and make the choice obvious.

This is followed by a simple form that doesn't ask for too much information, reducing friction for the prospect and helping Orders2me capture more leads.

We did all this in just three days, and the fixed price investment is already paying off with new leads being generated from the page every day.

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